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Key Aspects of the Food Rx Rebuild Course:
  • A Natural, Safe and Effective Detox Plan with Lasting Results
  • A Maintenance Plan that Compliments the Detox Plan
  • Designed by a Board-Certified Cardiologist
  • No Need for Expensive Supplements
  • Essential Materials for Repeat Application of the Program​
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Food Rx Rebuild Course Program

Two Comprehensive Courses + Recipe Library & Ongoing Support

Detox Course

This course is specific for those who are seeking to undergo an accelerated cleanse before the transition and maintenance nutritional plan.

Transition & Maintenance

This course is specific for those that seek to maintain a healthy, long-term, plant-based lifestyle.

Recipe Library

Our Recipe Library provides detailed preparation techniques and nutritional descriptions of easy-to-prepare meals. 

Community Interactions

Interact and share your experiences such as success stories with other members of the MHW community.

Digital Meetup

This program provides access to weekly nutritional Q&A support calls.  Members can have their questions answered and gain insights from MHW nutritionists and other program members.

Expert Support

Members can join us for monthly nutritional webinars, and quarterly health summits by Dr. Montgomery.  Guest speakers will be invited on special occasions.

Our Program and Its Founder

Located in Houston, Texas, The Montgomery Heart & Wellness Center is a state-of-the-art wellness facility complete with all the technology and resources to provide comprehensive medical and wellness care. Having seen many patients suffer the consequences of chronic heart disease, Dr. Baxter Montgomery founded the practice in 2006 with the mission to reverse and prevent life-threatening illnesses.  
Dr. Baxter Montgomery is a Board-Certified Cardiologist with years of experience in the latest medical practices and nutritional health. He is a Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine in the Division of Cardiology at the University of Texas and a Fellow of the American College of Cardiology. He is the Medical Director of Montgomery Heart & Wellness comprehensive health and wellness center. He cares for individuals with cardiac arrhythmias, coronary heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, chronic inflammatory diseases as well as many other chronic illnesses. He manages a network of health and wellness professionals whose expertise covers the areas of state-of-the-art allopathic medicine, nutrition, fitness, functional medicine as well as other areas to bring about a comprehensive expertise for the care of his patients.

What Is The Food Rx Rebuild Course?

The Food Rx Rebuild Course is a program designed to help individuals improve their health with nutrition. The program was designed by a board-certified cardiologist and nutrition experts. For well over a decade, thousands of individuals have utilized the Food Rx Rebuild Course Detoxification Program to bring about many health benefits.
These benefits include reversing diabetes, controlling hypertension, reversing congestive heart failure and coronary artery disease, normalizing cholesterol levels, reversing chronic inflammatory illnesses along with many other chronic diseases.

Program Efficacy

The Food Rx Rebuild Course Detoxification Program has been shown to help individuals control chronic illnesses such as heart disease, diabetes, and arthritis to name a few. The Food Rx Rebuild Course can be utilized regularly, multiple times a year as part of a regular health maintenance program. Based on our published clinical studies, the vast majority of individuals who follow this program begin to see health improvements within the first 2 weeks.

Unlike other wellness or weight loss programs, the Food Rx Rebuild Course Detoxification Program has been medically and scientifically shown to be effective in individuals with chronic illnesses. This program has been scientifically shown to reduce chronic inflammation by more than 30%. Other known benefits of this program include the reversal of diabetes, reduction of bad cholesterol and the improvement of blood pressure. These benefits along with many others have been published in the medical literature.

Detailed Program Outline

Detox and Cleanse Rebuild Course

  • Detox and Cleanse Program Series
    • Important Nutritional Detox and Cleanse Concept Presentations by Dr. Montgomery
      • The Fundamental Concept of a Nutritional Detox
      • Nutritional Breakdown of the Detox Menu
      •  How to Dine Out Eating
      • Documentaries that show the Science of a Healthy Nutritional Lifestyle
      • How to Transition off the Detox Nutrition Plan
    • Interactive Activities to Reinforce the Concepts of the Lectures
    • Stepwise Instructions on Following the Detox Nutrition Plan
  • A Comprehensive Detox Recipe Library
    • Simple and Delicious Recipes for Detox
    • Each Recipe has a Special Food Classification to Determine the Detox Level
  • Food Preparation Demonstrations
    • Simple Food Preparation Techniques Provided
    • Simple Demonstrations on Equipment Use
  • Testimonials from Prior Nutritional Boot Camp Members
    • Hear Real Life Stories of the Benefits of the Program
    • Boot Camp Members Share Their Challenges and Triumphs


Transition and Maintenance Rebuild Course

  • Transition and Maintenance Program Series
    • Presentations on Transition and Maintenance Concepts by Dr. Montgomery
      • The Basic Process of Transition from a Nutritional Detox
      • Important Tips for Eating Out and Traveling
      • Addressing Myths About Healthy Eating
      • Basic Concepts of Food Addictions
      • Strategies for Long-term Success
    • Interactive Activities to Reinforce the Concepts of the Lectures
    • Stepwise Instructions on How to Transition to a Maintenance Diet
  • A Comprehensive Recipe Library of Healthy Meals
  • Food Preparation Demonstrations
  • Testimonials from Prior Nutritional Boot Camp Members

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Wow! Off my diabetes and hypertension medications in two short weeks. This is an incredible program. Thanks for giving me back control of my health & life.


This program was fun! I enjoyed watching my blood pressure improve. I have and will continue to recommend this program to family and friends.


I thought the program was challenging but rewarding at the same time. I was also happy with my weight loss and learning how to have more self control.


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