Take charge of your health with The Food RX Jumpstart Course!

Learn to manage chronic disease naturally and successfully with a simple 10-day nutrition plan!

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Are you tired of having your doctor constantly adding to your list of medications and instructing you to improve your lifestyle without any specific instructions?

Well wait no more! The Food RX Jumpstart Course is Right for You!


Make a 10-Day Health Turnaround with the Food RX Jumpstart Course!


Are you tired of …

  •  …being in and out of hospitals and doctor’s offices regularly?
  •  … depending on prescription medications for your health?
  •  … or simply being sick, in pain and generally unhealthy?


Learn to take control of your health today!


Key Benefits of the Food RX Jumpstart Course:  

  • Natural Safe and Effective Nutritional Detox with Results in 10 Days
  • Clinically Designed Program Shown to Be Safe and Effective with Chronic Illnesses
  • Does not Require the Use of Expensive Supplements
  • Educational Concepts and Materials that Allow for Repeat Application of the Program
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Why The Food RX Jumpstart Course?

As a novel, medically designed nutrition plan, the Food RX Jumpstart Course offers a natural-health approach that provides step by step instructions on how to safely jumpstart your health in a short 10-day period of time and learn to maintain it over time.  The Food RX Jumpstart Course is simply a health tool that can be used multiple times over a regular basis to both jumpstart your health and maintain it over time.   

The Food RX Jumpstart Course provides you with a novel food classification system that helps you with the understanding of important food selection and preparation techniques that are essential for an effective, safe nutritional detox. It also provides you with a specially designed 10-day meal plan with detail recipes and a shopping list.  Additionally, detailed instructions are provided on how to integrate your detox program into your busy schedule and track your progress for success.

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Key Components of the Food RX Jumpstart Course:  

  • Detailed Instructional Videos by the Cardiologist who Created the Program
    • A Detailed Discussion on the General Health Importance of Food RX Jumpstart Course
    • Step-by-step Guidance on How to Use the Course for Maximal Success
    • Videos with Support Tips at Key Points During the Detox Regimen
    • Detailed, insightful, and educational videos about the concept of a nutritional detox program
  • A Detailed 10-Day Detox Meal Plan with Easy to Follow Recipes
  • A Recipe Shopping List for the Meal Plan
  • Instructions on Key Clinical Health Parameters to Track
  • Special Support Tools to Ensure Your Success
    • List of the Type of Foods to Eat and Avoid
    • Data Tracking Tool to Quantify Progress at Detox Completion
    • Food Dairy and Journal to Track and Record Daily Experiences
    • The Detailed Food Classification System
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The Food RX Jumpstart Course Places You In The Driver’s Seat In Just 10 Days!


The Food RX Jumpstart Course ...

  • Is a medically sound nutrition plan designed by a board-certified cardiologist
  • Is based on a clinically sound, evidence-based program shown to be effective in thousands of individuals with chronic health problems 
  • Empowers you with the ability to change your health in just 10 days
  • Provide you with simple tools to use for a quick turnaround of your health  

This is a program for anyone who is suffering from a chronic disease and is motivated to take control of their health in a short period of time.

Detailed Instructional Videos by the Cardiologist who Created the Program - Dr. Baxter Montgomery

Dr. Baxter D. Montgomery is a Board Certified Cardiologist with years of experience in the latest medical practices and nutritional health. He is a Clinical Assistant Professor of Medicine in the Division of Cardiology at the University of Texas in Houston, a Fellow of the American College of Cardiology (FACC) and the founder and president of the Montgomery Heart & Wellness Center (MHW). He is also the author of The Food Prescription for Better Health, a comprehensive guide for reversing chronic illnesses.

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Frequently Asked Questions

About Montgomery Heart & Wellness

Located in Houston, Texas, The Montgomery Heart & Wellness Center is a state-of-the-art wellness facility complete with all the technology and resources to provide comprehensive medical and wellness care. Having seen many patients suffer the consequences of chronic heart disease, Dr. Baxter Montgomery founded the practice in 2006 with the mission to reverse and prevent life-threatening illness.